Tuesday, 28 May 2013

President wants to end war on terrorism? I call bullshit!

President wants to end war on terrorism? I call bullshit!

Last week President Obama’s address to the nation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Duy1ikq21W4),for lack of better way in saying it, I would say was full of bull. Although his speech sounded as if war will come to an end, I argue that no matter what the outcome, the costly war we have seen for years is still on the agenda of certain powers that be. I also think that although some good words came from Obama’s speech, the powers that be will continue to force the real “terrorism”that exists in society and this terrorism is not coming from people from another country with crock pot bombs, poisonous powder or airline takeover plots.

In his speech Obama noted that on September 11th it was not an army but a group of terrorists that came to U.S. shores, trying to kill as many civilians as possible. He alluded to the hint that we are fighting“new” wars with “new” technology and small groups of what seem to be undetected, hidden groups of people out to kill Americans. Obama also said that,
“We are safer of our efforts, make no mistake our nation is still threatened by terrorists.”

I totally agree with the president that we are still threatened by undetected, small, hidden groups out to kill us yet I would challenge his statement to say that we are less safe. To explain what I'm getting at I first want to take a look at what the heck does terrorism even mean? I mean for you it might mean one thing but for me another. Well that doesn’t matter because what matters is how the U.S. Government defines it and according to the CIA, US Code, Section 2656f(d), terrorism is:

“Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub national groups or clandestine agents.”

And even more important to know is that the CIA indentifies a terrorist group as:

“Any group that practices, or has significant subgroups that practice, international terrorism.”

Definition found at: (https://www.cia.gov/news-information/cia-the-war-on-terrorism/terrorism-faqs.html)

Welcome to Afghanistan, ahem, uh...I mean Boston U.S.A.
I want to focus on these terms because the CIA’s definition of terrorism includes the terms premeditated, politically motivated and most importantly, violence. Violence that comes from sub national or clandestine agents. Basically terrorism comes from organized political units or groups maintained and funded within countries and they do it in covert, stealthy methods to ultimately perpetrate violence against unarmed people. Was President Obama not paying attention to his script? I cannot think of any other agency that has such capability to carry out terrorism or such covert options other than CIA themselves, law enforcement agencies or our super elite corporations that have continuously manipulated the lives of innocent, noncombatant civilians in the United States,well across the world to be exact. This is why I said that Obama is correct when he says our nation is still threatened by terrorists.

These terrorists come out in full force combatant gear,weapons and arms here in our nation any time the people gather and assemble under the 1st amendment. I feel that Obama must be President of a different United States than the one I live in, because in his speech he also said that it is  
“Not possible for America to simply deploy a team of special forces to capture every terrorist”

Obama must be talking about that other United States of America that he lives in? The United States of America I live in proved they are completely willing and capable towards finding who they want, when they want and where they want which includes US soil when shortly after the so called Boston bombing, something that resembled martial law was placed into effect.

Obama eventually notes that trillions of dollars are spent on war. This war against terrorism that is supposed to keep us safer and save American lives. Well how about it Obama? If saving Americans is top priority of any president how many lives have we saved?

According to the 2011 US National Counterterrorism Center report on terrorism, (https://fas.org/irp/threat/nctc2011.pdf), only 17 private U.S.Citizens died in terrorist related attacks for that year and only 3 private U.S.Citizens were in a terrorist related hostage kidnapping. This is the counter terrorism that our nation spends trillions of dollars on.

If our government and president care so much about our well being and safety, why not do something intelligent? Why not put those trillions of dollars into saving Americans from the things that are killing them by the thousands each year. According to The Center for Disease Control‘s National Vital Statistics Report of 2011 (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr61/nvsr61_06.pdf),the top killer of Americans was heart disease at 596,339. After that the next top killer of Americans was cancer at 575,313 people and another top killer for Americans was chronic lower respiratory illness diseases at 143,382. The list goes on identifying the top ten killers of Americans to be in the thousands, yet I see no “terrorism” on that list. And if anyone wants to be a smart ass and say that it wont be on the list because terrorism is not a disease, well it would be there if the death rate was cause for concern because "unintentional accidents" rates as the nations 5th with 127,777deaths, and that category does not sound like a disease. Terrorism only accounted for 17 American deaths in 2011. 

For decades Americans have been fighting for access to a higher quality of life. They go unarmed against corporations like Monsanto, Nestle, Bank of America, Chevron, BP, Wal-Mart and many other groups that have exploited people across the globe. When the people stand up to them, these noncombatant targets are many times violently met by clandestine groups of law enforcement in full riot gear, tear gas, tanks, dogs and many other combatant weapons within their arsenal. And it’s usually to always put a violent end to the marches, protests and demonstrations that the people bring to express concern on those things that I would say have contributed to the top killers in America as I identified earlier. I say this because Americans have always sought for better quality of food, air and water but it doesn’t seem to get to be one of the top addresses to the nation that the President will ever talk about. It usually is always terror, terror,terror.

Americans have made it clear in many more ways than one, that they want access to the same quality of life and seek those trillions of dollars spent on war to be spent at home on programs, services and methods that will give them the same high quality of life that the super rich elite owners of corporations get to benefit from. Americans just have not attained it yet, because the powers that be, want us to think that even if wars were to end, terrorism will still exist therefore we must shift those trillions of dollars into covert operations here at home which include drones and increased spy technology.

I don’t buy into it. If Obama and our government want to increase the safety of Americans and keep us from continuous acts of what I think is the real terrorism happening in our country, then the agenda should include flying drones over the private property of corporate owners of Monsanto, Chevron, and hundreds of other Wall Street corporations. Install cameras in their offices and homes, invade their privacy and keep a record of all their accounts and decisions that take place in closed meetings. But of course this is only wishful thinking eh? If we are to take “terrorism” seriously and keep America safe, then take the CIA’s definition of terrorism for what it says and ensure that noncombatant Americans will no longer be met with violence or the threat of it from clandestine law enforcement agencies in full riot gear, tanks sweeping the streets. If Americans are to truly be safe in this country, then focus on those factors that increase the standard of living and quality of life. Do what will make Americans feel safe and earn back the trust many lost in our government leaders.

And finally, lets really keep irrational fear mongering tactics (terrorism)out of our future policy making process and be truthful in telling Americans that they have a higher rate of having accidental death, diabetes and cancer rather then telling them they can die at any moment by an exploding rice cooker.