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Fail! Why the 2012, worldwide, unified, global consciousness, awakening never happened and what it’s still all about

By Hector Cerda

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The year 2012 was supposed to bring a worldwide, cosmic, unified, global consciousness, awakening. News stories and Facebook postings were very common for a few years leading up to 2012 that suggested events would happen such as a galactic planetary alignment to take place on December 21. Other events were supposed to take place like the arrival of a new planet into our solar system or a giant meteor that would head towards planet earth and cause Armageddon like consequences. Anything resembling such prophetic events didn’t seem to take place. In fact I write this article to investigate such false doom and gloom theories. 

I will show you, the reader not only where these theories originate from but why they are being pushed so heavily and why I think they will continue to resurface. I will argue that the main source of pushing this agenda comes from the New Age-pseudoscience community that continues to exploit Native American, First Nations people. I will describe the exact concept I think is used to push such a movement and I will demonstrate that not only do the New Agers gain monetarily from promoting such an agenda but also the rich and powerful elites, or as the Occupy movement termed as the 1% of the human race that hold the worlds wealth (1). This 1% benefit indirectly from such exploitation of people because the 2012 theories are part of continued social construct of placing fear among the masses in order to convince them to willingly surrender rights and resources for social control. In this article I will explore some of the people whom I think are from the New Age, Pseudoscience community and took on a false authority figure on Native American prophecy for their own personal gain. I will compare such false figures to what I believe is a more authentic approach towards living in true prophecy for change among Native Americans. I will do this by examining movements of the New Agers vs. the traditional native approach that both began in the early 90s in preparation for the 500th year celebrations of Columbus’s so called discovery of the America’s. 

For this article, I use the term New Age or New Agers to refer to the people that seem to use Native American rituals and traditions to their own personal benefit (primarily fame, fortune or to fulfill ego) but have no intent in pursuing a relationship with Native American tribal communities towards self-determination and preservation of cultural roots. I use the term Native American, First Nation, or Indigenous interchangeably as a way to refer to those ethnic groups that New Agers exploit. If you are ready to take this journey, then grab a cup of Timmy’s or Starbucks coffee, or better yet a cup of Fair Trade coffee from your local organic store and be ready to expand your mind.

Being Transparent Of My Own Bias: A Stance On Personal Beliefs


I believe in the almighty, the ultimate force in this universe that many would call God or the Creator. I do not know whether this god is male, female or anything of the like but I do believe that this almighty Creator is responsible for making both the male and female essences which for many of our Indigenous traditions, is necessary to continue the structure of a family then so, a clan and ultimately a nation of people. God is a grand mystery that we as humans will never be able to understand. In fact I think it was never meant for us to try to understand the entire workings of the universe but to only live them out and that the most basic principles of science, astronomy, technology and society were already explored and instilled in all of us as humans long ago by our ancestors. God created us to participate less in preaching and more in doing. All humans each have their own languages, customs and ways that God intended and that these ways should be held sacred. In no way whatsoever do I believe anyone should infringe on the right of cultural groups or nations to keep alive their ancient songs, ceremonies, dances, foods, customs and language. 

I think that God gave us the gift of choice to determine that which is best for our families, clans and individual communities and that since this almighty God created everything, that there are natural laws that keep such constructs in balance and for that reason I think that God has given us the scientific method, that which is the ability for us to experiment for ourselves what works best for our individual communities and families, and I think that science, as an observation of the natural world and how it can work to benefit our people is not only a gift from God but also a responsibility. I believe this responsibility of understanding the natural world through the scientific method and respecting how it works for us is a contract between humans and the Creator to continue living in sacred ways that benefits us. However I also believe in the ability for such contracts and abilities to be broken.  I think that good science is Godly and it should be something we all should seek out. 

I also challenge you the reader to never take what you read or hear in the media at face value when told and teach yourself how to research credibility of what people say and publish (including this article). I think there is too much false information (especially on the internet) and that pseudoscience is growing ever more popular to convince people into believing false ideologies while pushing away truth through real ethical science.  I think that with the gift of choice, that some of us can forget or lose sight of our purpose in life and take the natural laws we are supposed to respect alongside with the gift of science and abuse such to personal gain and benefit.  We see this through the history of time itself where common people are harmed by our world leaders or those with power because they have forgotten the understanding of God. Such forgotten understanding is clearly demonstrated in the current and highly questionable use of advanced technological use in weapons including bombs, biological warfare, computer surveillance systems, drones, machines and the encouragement of ideologies that are meant to harm people such as commodification of resources and ultimately divide and conquering nations by separating families through either social, political or military means. 

And finally I believe there is the ability for people to choose to be malevolent or cause harm to others. I think that the ability to harm and kill, to destroy and neglect that which God made for us has been happening among us for some time now and that there are plans by evil people to keep doing this. I think that for those leaders among various nations, communities and organizations that actually uphold such evil doings do not care for the rest of us and that it is like a disease that consumes and destroys anything these people want; a consumption of so many resources that they themselves become the cannibals.  The late Dr. Jack Forbes, a world class Native American scholar once identified such people as wetiko, a Cree term which, to quote Forbes, is "an evil person or spirit who terrorizes other creatures by means of terrible evil acts,"(2). People who suffer from wetiko disease are the true cannibals of the world with no understanding of God and natural law. The concept of the wetiko was brought into Native American academics by Forbes in order to shift the paradigm towards identifying who the actual evil doers are in this world as opposed to those that do want to be right with humanity and God.

If you know me through the Peace & Dignity Journeys or any work related on Indigenous movements you will know that I believe in cultural preservation and self-determination. Uniting our Indigenous communities to work together for common struggles is crucial however Indigenous people are not all the same and we should be vigilant towards anyone or any other movement that might absorb our unique tribal communities into the global one-size-fits-all culture that is constantly trying to get us to give up our beliefs, language and right to preserve land. To put it bluntly, there has been (since 1492) and continues to be a constant attack on the cultural and spiritual roots of the Indigenous people of the Americas and I will not ever back away from reminding others about this. Indigenous identity is the spiritual center of a person. 

The New World Order: Rule of Law vs. Law of the Jungle 


Without sounding too much of a conspiracy theorist, It is important to briefly discuss who and what the New World Order (NWO) is and how it relates to globalism and the continuous attack on Indigenous peoples of the Americas (and the world). The first time I ever heard the term New World Order was on September 11, 1990 during an address to the union, George Bush Sr. noted that peace could only be kept for our future generations by establishing this New World Order, a rule of law that trumps the law of the jungle, where the those nations that are strong have respect for the weaker however Bush was making his case for taking the United States to war (3). I would argue that this was a clear and present message to any nation who would challenge the United States and ruling elite class. The law of the jungle phrase used by Bush was a coded way for George Bush Sr. to say that indigenous people who wish to push back against the United States (supported by the United Nations) war machine, and not willing to abandon their cultural identity will suffer the reign of the United States. Such a similar case was made by Pope Alexander VI in his Inter Caetera of 1493, a year after the landing of Christopher Columbus to the Americas, the development of such laws and legal doctrines regarding who could rule the so called New World would continue. The final piece of that document reads:
“Let no one, therefore, infringe, or with rash boldness contravene, this our recommendation, exhortation, requisition, gift, grant, assignment, constitution, deputation, decree, mandate, prohibition, and will. Should anyone presume to attempt this, be it known to him that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul.”(4)
Such a claim made by Pope Alexander VI back in 1493 contains the same ideology as made by George Bush Sr. when he gave another similar speech on January 16, 1991 stating that;"
"We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order -- a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful -- and we will be -- we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.'s founders"(5) 
And to avoid going too deep into the topic, the overall issue was based on two nations, Iraq invading Kuwait over territorial disputes regarding access to oil within Kuwait (6). Rather than allowing these countries  to resolve political issues within themselves the United States under the leadership of George Bush Sr. made a case through the United Nations that such nations that operate under “the law of the jungle” and not the rule of law are a threat to the world (7).

If you are not convinced that the “Rule of Law” is one of imperial rule over nations that wish to have self-determination over themselves recent world events would support my claim regarding the United States. There has been much controversy over Edward Snowden, an ex CIA Computer technician who leaked documents that proved United States National Security Agency was possibly taking unethical steps in how it spied on its own citizens (8). Snowden was seen as a threat to United States and while hiding, seeking political asylum, President Evo Morales of Bolivia publicly stated that should Edward Snowden seek refuge in Bolivia, he would analyze the request. Morales never said it was for certain. President Morales is a prominent Indigenous figure for his country and has been known to speak up against actions by the United States. Shortly after his comment about asylum for Snowden, his jet plane was aggressively diverted from making it back to his country and forced to land in Austria, being accused of the possibility that he had Snowden in his plane (9). This is clearly evident that such an order had to have come from the White House. If that plane was air force one with President Obama being aggressively diverted to another country, those jets would have been shot down and Obama would have made it safe and sound to his wife and children. President Morales does not get that same preferential treatment because it may be seen that he operates under the law of the jungle and not the rule of law.

The 2011 Occupy movement on Wall street realized very late what Indigenous , First Nations already knew and it was this; There is a small group of ruling elite that continuously get richer in wealth by taking the peoples resources (10). They do it in such a manner that is evil, destructive and has no regard for the sacredness of life. This repeated tactic seems all too common to me as a Native American because it resembles the ideology as explained earlier in the Inter Caetera of Pope Alexander the VI and the Manifest Destiny under a divine god (11) that the first European immigrants used to justify unethical, murderous, pillaging methods to colonize land proven to have already been occupied by hundreds of distinct nations of people (12).

So to summarize this piece, the NWO is simply the large class of ruling elites across many nations that have been wanting a one world government, with one language, one main headquarters and one main leader. And similar to the first colonizers that arrived in the Americas, the NWO is clearly in the business of taking all the resources for their own king (CEO) back home. Contrary to what you can find on the internet about the NWO and its relationship to secret societies, satanic worshipping and other conspiracies, the NWO has never been a secret. The global agenda is clear and present, its not done in secret, it only seems that way for those who are too involved with other “important” matters like the sports championship games or the next top model. Understanding the NWO is more psychological than anything for persons who have grown up disconnected from their traditional roots or unaware of how the world works and had a paradigm shift in their understanding how society is truly constructed. The agenda of the ruling elite (NWO) has been present for centuries and continues to move its agenda of world domination, something that began in 1492 with the arrival of Columbus to this hemisphere and later in this article I will refer to why it is important to keep in mind how the NWO stands to benefit from movements like the false 2012 prophecies pushed by the New Age community.

Messiah Complex: I have the answers to your problem 


Prior to identifying the people behind the 2012 prophecies I want to discuss something I call the Messiah complex. This complex is based on a human delusional disorder, type grandiose. The Diagnostical Statistics Manual identifies delusional disorder, grandiose type occurs within someone who claims to be someone of a higher power or even with a message from a deity (13). A person taking on the Messiah Complex can be assumed to be in a state of mind in which they believe themselves destined to be the savior of a group of people or saving someone from a particular event. Such a complex can also cause someone to believe they ultimately are saviors of the world.

This act of believing to be a messiah I argue can also manifest into habits of a person in which they themselves, self-create a crisis event and later have the remedy to save the people who are being negatively affected by the crisis. This is the habit that I think was first put into action by the colonial settlers of this hemisphere. They brought many crisis related events with them only to later claim to be saviors to Native Americans by offering (by force) religions, policies, laws, foods , customs and ultimately foreign languages that was in the best interest to save them if they did not adopt to such.  Having a messiah complex is also common in our current society and should enough people follow along behind someone who has such a complex could lead to persons following someone with non-credible wisdom or even worse, a cult.

I say this because I have personally seen many people who have come to terms with a new way of looking at the world including folks who begin to learn their Indigenous culture whereas they didn’t know prior. Generally this seems to happen to new born followers of any spiritual or religious practice. Similarly, for many folks who have had a paradigm shift in their outlook towards US politics and globalism, I seen many young people become obsessed with what they feel is the “truth” to how the world truly is and that everyone is blind as sheep going along with the flock. Persons in such situations feel as if they have seen the light and feel so great about their new revelation that they feel the need to open the eyes of more people and this in turn is damaging to that person.  These things represent that one person’s own experience and their own personal will and vision. The further they begin to act in such a manner can further their complex of thinking they are a messiah and possibly pushing the rhetoric that doomsday will fall upon those who do not change.

Some of the first doomsday claims I recall learning about was as a child in the 80s and 90s. Prince wrote a popular song titled, 1999 which had lyrics describing the need to party before we die from an unknown destruction. The decade of the 90s brought Y2K doomsday prophecies in that the year 2000 could bring the end of the world all because a computer glitch could lead to a devastating meltdown to our technological infrastructure (14).One of the most popular cult-like new religion, now a school of enlightenment is led by a woman known as JZ Knight (15). Knight was nearly worshipped as an enlightened master almost somewhat of a messiah that began a movement towards getting followers to believe the concept of the “self” while at the same time making a fortune for fee based workshops and healing seminars. According to Knight a 35,000 year old spirit named Ramtha can channel himself through the woman known as JZ Knight. According to Knight she claims that her ability to channel Ramtha is not a hoax. Knight also promoted doomsday prophecies to her followers noting that the United States would suffer great natural disasters in years to come which would include volcanos, quakes, droughts and tidal waves. Knight encouraged that it would be wise for Americans that lived near coastal areas to pack up and leave, especially closer to where Knight could be more accessible in the Pacific Northwest where she lives (16).

JZ Knight channeling the spirit of Ramtha during one of her costly sessions.

Since the 80s the New Age profiteering scams have heavily increased and not only do they seem to take advantage of people but they incorporate Native American rituals and tend to exploit them for personal profit. Shamanic healers and special messages from the divine are common characteristics of such New Age cults like the Ramtha organization that arose from the 80s and they all seem to be profit  based where the mass of followers pay to access sacred wisdom and knowledge of the future all while supporting  the lavish lifestyles of those at the top (17). To the reader of this article, I encourage you to investigate for yourself the cult of Ramtha which is still around to this day. As far back as I can recall, it is within this New Age cult of Ramtha that I argue some of the false prophecies about 2012 began to arise.

The Doomsday Prophecies:  An Epidemic among the New Agers


This issue claims to share Native American wisdom.

I have for many years possessed a magazine title Body, Mind, Spirit. It was released in January of 1993, just a couple of months after worldwide protests against the 500th year celebrations of the so called Discovery of the Americas. I mention this magazine because I will compare it to another magazine I also possess titled; Rethinking Columbus dated 1991. I will discuss the Rethinking Columbus magazine at the end of this article but first let’s explore the copy of Body Mind Spirit that actually has some of the first articles published by New Agers in the 90s to push the agenda of prophecies of doom. Looking at the cover, the magazine has a glorious cover of what seems to be Native American themed art, and it is labeled in a way that leads the reader to think it has authority as “Native American elders share their wisdom.” is on the cover. If one were to actually have the copy at hand, you might be able to identify it as a quackery of false claims cause it sells merchandise, from ordering miracle making audio tapes, weight loss wonder pills and even an ad that claims you can achieve Christ consciousness as we dawn for a new era in the year 2000 (18). The magazine is full of tarot readings you can order, free horoscopes suggesting you to learn more only after purchasing audio tapes. The magazine is full of so many things that make me wonder why anyone would go to college for a career when one can just sell New Age merchandise to make a profit. But that is why I am writing this article, to demonstrate the ability to investigate the difference. And be prepared because I will add humor to my investigations.

Not an ad to this article, but hey I will still take $5. My address is...

In an article of this magazine, the writer Judi Pope Koteen claims to have interviewed a Native American elder who goes by the name of Ghost Wolf. Ghost Wolf goes on to explain that he has sacred knowledge of star people known as meteorites that will come down from the earth to respond to earth’s pain and suffering. Ghost wolf claims that in this prophecy, the meteors will hit the earth so hard that it will cause natural disasters and plates to shift. He also continues to explain what some might argue is our current state of climate change, as he describes a very detailed event that will cause seasons to shift and the poles to flip. Ghost Wolf does this in such a way that leads the reader to almost feel as though these are related to exact current events. However he said this in 1993. Ghost Wolf has since passed away and also been known to exploit the people he worked with, not to mention that he was romantically involved with Pope-Koteen, the person who interviewed him for this story. A common characteristic of such persons that claim prophetic wisdom was to become romantically involved with their followers or clients, lacking clear boundaries of carrying on a professional setting involving such sharing of wisdom. Ghost Wolf ends his interview by noting that all humans must awaken to a spiritual illumination or suffer the consequences (19). His approach in telling this so called prophecy is one that I would argue makes him seem as though he is a messiah. The article written on Ghost Wolf and his prophetic meteors hitting earth are accompanied by other small comment boxes of what seem to be New Agers making suggestive comments towards a global consciousness shift.  One off them is a person named Sandra Pathweaver, a Cherokee Metis grandmother who claims that earth changes are coming in the not so distant future (20). Pathweaver also maintains a website that seem to contain elements of Native American authenticity however a visit to the website shows that tarot card readings, astrology and shamanism are all part of her classes (21).
Dr. Saundra Pathweaver claims earth changes are coming. Will that be year 2000 or 2012?

Another comment box in the Ghost Wolf article contains a quote from Brooke Medicine Eagle who claims to be a Lakota Metis ceremony leader and teacher. Medicine Eagle states that there is a lesson “we are being asked to carry as we graduate into the Aquarian age, the time of the nine pointed star…Will we carry with us her sacred pipe and the oneness it represents and move into the New Age? Or will we be left behind?” (22). I must interject here and ask the reader to think for a moment. Since when do human beings “graduate” into a New Age? Do we get caps, gowns and tassels? If humans are to graduate into a New Age, what was graduation like when humans shifted into the current age we are in now? Is she talking about something to be forced upon us like what happened with the first arrival of Europeans immigrants in 1492? It should also be noted that Medicine Eagle also has a website where she charges a fee to attend her workshops (23).
Medicine Eagle says carry your pipe when you graduate to the New Age.

Another smoking gun quote in this article that proves the falseness of the 2012 Mayan prophecies is made by a woman named Charla Tarwater. Tarwater states that “The Mayan Calendar made its shift into the final phase on July of this year (1992). The calendar is over when this phase ends.” (24). Tarwater also continues to prophesize that at the end of that phase is when women will return to their rightful power in the universe also stating that from that point until 2012, 100 million women worldwide will reach menopause, claiming that hot flashes and night sweats are correlated to volcanoes and floods. Keep in mind that this end of the Mayan calendar according to Tarwater, was in July of 1992. Since then 20 years have passed on her prophetic predictions and in regards to women and menopause, I did not want to go there for her lack of scientific reference but sadly she sold herself short on claiming prophetic doom for in 1996 a researcher suggested that in regards to women and menopause that by 2030, 1.2 billion women will have reached the stage of menopause (25). From 1990 to 2030 that is an estimated 30 million per year worldwide or in other figures, multiply that 30 million by 12 years (1990 to 2012) and we have an estimate of 360 Million women by 2012 to have reached menopause. Why did Tarwater only stop at 100 million women worldwide? Was she ignorant of the next numerical place value that followed after the 100 million? Was Tarwater saving the other 260 million for another doomsday prophecy? It is obvious to me that 360 Million sounds more prophetic than 100 million, so why did Tarwater not use this number? Tarwater could have also easily accessed the World Development Reports published annually where these numbers were pulled from rather than pulling them from her own…I think you get the point. It should also be noted that Tarwater manages a website where she claims to be a New Age shaman and also offers clinical hours of therapy for a fee. She claims to be a doctor however her healing certifications as labeled on her website do not show anything I would consider from a legitimate university or college (26).
Tarwater and her menopausal prophecy.

There is also a quote from a woman who identifies herself as Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, an elder of Seneca Wolf Clan. According to Nitsch, at the time she was quoted for this article she said that the world was entering a fourth world of illumination. Governments would fall and industries alike would collapse. This is all part of the earth changes she notes that will have people being gone who wanted to leave and those who want to stay will remain on this plane (27). Nitsch passed away in 2007 but a website with her books on how to prepare for the prophetic life events to come is available for purchase on a website (28). It is not certain if this is New Age folks exploiting her for profit or if she would have normally charged for such services through workshops like the others identified above. There is however another source where Nitsch claims that we are entering into a fifth world of illumination (29). Nitsch makes absurd claims that the ancestors of beings from long ago are encouraging an awakening of some crystals that were misused before in the past and that it led to the earth being swallowed into oblivion (30). I argue that Nitsch had no idea what she was talking about and that her ideologies were those similar to New Age rituals, where Nitsch claims the use of crystals to be planted in specific parts of the earth are necessary to return the earth to its harmonic balance. I will discuss the exploitation methods by New Agers and crystals but I still want to focus on the claims made by Nitsch about crystals because they come from a book called Profiles in Wisdom. This book published in 1991 is filled with profiles claiming to be prophetic wisdom from Native American elders. One odd profile in particular is William Commanda, a much respected keeper of several Algonquin wampum shell belts which he interprets as holding records of prophecies, history, treaty agreements between his people and first European accounts (31). The belts he kept also held sacred pacts among his own people and how they were to live among each other and the earth. I personally hold Commanda’s life in high respect and what makes Commanda’s story different from Nitsch and the other New Ager stories is that Commanda does not speak as if he has a messiah complex. Commanda actually speaks about real issues in regards to the legitimacy of European colonial powers settling and making law that supersedes those rights and title of Native Americans. He addresses the issue from a credible position in that such efforts were purposely made to eliminate inhabitants of this hemisphere to take the resources. Commanda also does not claim to know when the world will end or when such prophetic illumination is going to take place, he merely talks about what cleansing is in regards to natural disasters but he clearly states he does not know what the future holds or how it will happen. He only addresses what has happened to Native American people based on past experiences (32).
Nitsch suggests to use crystals or else be swallowed into oblivion .

Aside from Commanda's profile in this questionable book of prophetic wisdom from elders, all the other elders from the book Profiles of Wisdom along with those I have identified in the Ghost Wolf article I believe are either frauds or persons who become exploited by New Agers. Such prophecies that claim to contain wisdom and knowledge do not address any type of critical discussion nor do they suggest wisdom that illuminates their followers to engage in constructive action (as I will discuss true prophetic approaches later in this article). This is the problem that I see with such New Age philosophy that encourages love and light, enlightenment and a god like cosmic convergence that pushed for the 2012 agenda.

A person who takes on self-proclaimed positions to be keepers of prophetic wisdom I argue, are not doing anything to empower Indigenous communities to truly access the resources and proper procedures towards maintaining self-determination and sovereignty. Instead such prophetic wisdom encourages Indigenous people and all people alike to become absorbed into the mass conglomerate of followers that are awaiting a cosmic event that will save humans.  At the same time such wisdom pushed by these New Age philosophers is primarily from their own egocentric self, motivated by monetary gain. Now let’s take another step into more recent years to examine how these false prophetic claims were recycled again by other New Age exploiters of Native American philosophy.

Exploiting the 2012 movement


The first discussions I heard about the 2012 worldwide shift in consciousness was prior to my participation in Peace & Dignity Journeys 2008 run. Daniel Pinchbeck, a non-community member of any Native American or Mayan community at that, wrote a book titled 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. I recall seeing him in an interview on one of the big corporate news networks like MSNBC or CNN. Then much later I saw him on my own local ABC news on a story about the 2012 Prophecies where he suggested we had no control over a movement that is drawing us in towards this global shift (33). Later I would hear more of his “prophetic” book that claimed to contain so much information of what to expect for 2012. After examining his book it is obvious Pinchbeck pushed an agenda that included promotion of psychedelic drug use for receiving higher states of consciousness whereas he claims that he was visited by an ancient Mayan God known as Quetzalcoatl while having ingested drugs in the amazon. Pinchbeck claimed that the spirit of Quetzalcoatl took up residence in his mind and brought him to a new level of consciousness to become a new messenger of this news of prophecy (34).
Jim Jones tells his followers to drink the Kool-Aid, never mind its just Daniel pretending to be Quetzalcoatl.

Pinchbeck also pushed the agenda that as human beings we must unite as a whole if we are to evolve into a higher state of consciousness, and that similar to tribal rites of passage as humans we must all evolve towards awareness that we are all interconnected (35). Pinchbeck also claims that we should be more involved with our shamanic self and rely less on the sophisticated things in life (36).
Of course the enlightened Pinchbeck didn’t bother to investigate that his experience in the Amazon should have revealed to him that the traditional teachings of Quetzalcoatl do not originate anywhere near the Amazon. In fact he placed himself in position of expertise of the Mayan calendar as it relates to Quetzalcoatl but his understanding of cultural competency between the Maya and the psychedelic drug experience he had in the Amazon never crossed his mind that he was way off by speaking on two completely different cultures on two separate continents to be exact. He did however enjoy a large amount of fame and fortune in the selling of his book and numerous show appearances.

Another case comes from a man named David Wilcock. Wilcock does not seem to be connected to any Indigenous nation or community however similar to JZ Knight that I mentioned earlier in this article, claiming to have channeled a 35,000 year old spirit that gives her prophetic wisdom, Wilcock also claims to have made contact, and channel a spirit known as the ancient Egyptian god Ra after reading a book titled The Law of One; The Ra material. That book oddly was written by other people who do not give themselves credit as authors of the book but claimed to have received the material by process of channeling the spirit of Ra (37). A book was also written based on life experiences with Wilcock on how he might be a reincarnated man named Edward Cayce, capable of telling the future (38). During his channeling sessions, Wilcock claims that so many of his clients were given readings on prophetic earth changes to come and will usher in spiritual ascension for the year 2000. This was also the time to raise his fees charging clients from $65 to $150 per session when the spirit of Ra instructed Wilcock to begin doing this while also channeling sessions for other people to promote peace in the late 90s. (39).
"That will be $150 for me having to share with you that prophetic wisdom."

John Major Jenkins was also another New Age pusher of the 2012 agenda. Jenkins also claims that his spiritual enlightenment was credited to his sophisticated use of LSD and other mentally enhancing techniques (40). Jenkins proclaimed himself as an expert in Mayan cosmology and went on to argue that the cosmic understanding of the universe that the Maya came to understand was attained through the use of drugs. He eventually pushed the 2012 agenda with the claims that we will be shifting from one world age to the next (41). In no way does Jenkins use his credentials or position to actually discuss that the Maya actually might have had a very profound use of the scientific method which would have had to been used overwhelmingly to possess such an advanced understanding in astronomy and the universe. Instead Jenkins promotes the ideology that the Maya Indians of the past had to have been high and on drugs to have reached such enlightenment by saying, Psychoactive mushrooms and other powerful mind-altering substances were being used in the area of Mesoamerica that gave birth to the Long Count calendar" (42).

"It's utterly impossible for Native Americans to come to intelligent wisdom unless they are high. Did you drug my glass of water cause I'm feeling intelligent?"
God forbid intelligence is possible for Native American civilizations through means of a normal state of mind. Does Jenkins think that in order to achieve such high standard of mathematical engineering and science that one must be high on drugs? This is the exact same Messiah complex that resonates within the exploiters of traditional Native American wisdom and knowledge. Jenkins apparently claims to know best of what the Maya did to achieve such a superior level of scientific wisdom and he is here to save us all from making the great mistake in thinking that the Maya are not intelligent enough to attain knowledge for themselves without the use of drugs. Jenkins is here to tell the world the way it should be according to his drug altering experiences and we all should join him as one. It is also important to note that Jenkins is not a distinguished academic scholar in Native American culture. I cannot find what college or university he attended that would have taught him the need for using the academic and scientific methods which probably explains why Jenkins considers scientific approaches to be something only limited thinkers would consider.

Jose Argüelles is also another New Age exploiter who has the same epidemic like characteristics of all the persons I have identified above. Argüelles claims that he too was able to channel an ancient Mayan Priest knows as Pacal Votan who led him to a new spiritual enlightenment which is documented according to his personal website (43) revealing to him the date of 2012 to be eventful. Argüelles began to push his harmonic convergence teachings in the 80s and he claimed to have created a new Dreamspell calendar, where Arguelles then claimed that the spirit of Votan was now living inside of him, he no longer was to be identified as Jose Arguelles (44).
"Hello? Jose Arguelles no longer lives in this body, but as an ancient Mayan spiritual telemarketer I will be glad to take your prophetic reading for you."

And finally as mentioned earlier, New Age crystal planting rituals needed in order to balance the earth could never have been more exploited then by a woman named Keisha Crowther or as she calls herself Little Grandmother. Prior to 2012, Crowther claimed that she was one of 12 chosen messiahs on this planet that have prophetic wisdom we must all strive to become conscious of. The best sources on Crowther are on YouTube, where she claims that it is Mayan prophecy that will bring heaven on earth in what seems to be an event to take place in 2012. Such claims included promises that people will enlighten to something much higher if they only choose to love. Crowther pushed an agenda that led her followers to believe that there were extra-terrestrial spiritual beings waiting to come to earth and teach us new technological advances but that we are not yet ready to receive them due to the lack of oneness and love among humans in the world. She did this while at the same time claiming to be a shaman for the Sioux Salish tribe however her workshops and events have amassed thousands and probably millions of dollars with none going towards the loving act of rebuilding Indigenous communities living in poverty. Crowther also makes it clear that for Indigenous people to begin the healing that the earth so deserves can only be attained through planting of crystals in the ground (45). To this day even after being exposed as a fraud (46), Crowther still claims to have received the wisdom of the ancestors to help people prepare for the coming New Age and to shift into the 4th dimension through fee based workshops and speaking engagements (47).
"BY THE POWER OF GREY SKULL!! With this crystal planting I will restore peace to the earth!"

These characters I mentioned thus far are just a few of the many that pushed the 2012 agenda to exploit people and their resources. Their prophetic messages for 2012 was that the spirit world is trying to teach us, but I say that if this were ever true does the spirit world not know anything about science or astronomical wisdom? Do the spirits that channel through these New Agers know they are lying or are they stupid in understanding basic scientific principles of the universe? Shouldn't these spirits get it right, i mean after all they do have something to do with God and creation?


In the next decade the star people you call meteorites will hit the earth? Say what?


The article about prophecy mentioned earlier and comets hitting the planet can be traced to partially originate from Ghost Wolf. We did not go too far into detail about who Ghost Wolf really was and one should always questions someone who goes by stereotypical names while simultaneously trying to prophesize spiritual mumbo jumbo on behalf of Native American peoples especially when they want do so in the guise of such stereotypical names. Ghost Wolf is also known as Robert Franzone or Robert Perry. Prior to his passing in 2005, Perry added the title of Dr. to his name as can be noted on his website (48).
"The star people you call meteorites will hit the earth. I accept checks. make it out to Ghost Wolf...i mean Robert Parry."

Perry was involved with New Age prophetic teachings that claimed the world as we know it would end for what seemed to be vengeance from a higher power for what happened to Native Americans. This occurred in the early 90s and he can be seen on YouTube videos (49) along with another New Age organization known as, I Am America led by a woman named Lori Toye. Toye claims to have been sent messages as far back as 1983 by spiritual entities of what the United States geographical landscape will look like which includes all of the Pacific Northwest and California seeming to have sunk into the ocean. Available for $30, a map can be sent to help prepare you for the earth changes (50). She and Robert Perry both created some of the first theories based on spiritual master teachers sending them messages that California and other parts of the word would sink into the ocean. Robert Perry (Ghost Wolf) would also go on to be caught up in financial/legal issues with Judi Koteen, who first published the article we began to explore with New Agers and prophecies. Further online research on Judi Koteen reveals that she wrote a book titled, Last Waltz of the Tyrants: The Prophecy. In this book, Koteen claims to have channeled a spirit known as Ramtha that speaks of prophetic events to unfold which are closely similar to those made by JZ Knight I mentioned earlier in this article (51). As you can see these New Age prophecies are not authentic as we may think they are. They are a continued recycled product of the same story that occurred about a decade prior among the New Age community. 
Sadly, Robert Franzone was caught up in legal matters concerning his business partners.

Lastly with the misconceptions about meteorites and catastrophic events there was also questions regarding New Age theories that a comet or planet like object was making its way towards the earth and would have negative consequences on the magnetic poles, the electromagnetic waves and quite possibly block out the sun for a few days or lead to drastic change in the climate (52). This theory of a possible object coming towards earth originally came from a writer named Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin theorized the possibility of humans having extra-terrestrial origins by misinterpreting an ancient Sumerian seal that he claims has a Sumerian cultural symbol that represents a planet, which led to him writing his famous and widely debunked book, The 12th Planet. What Sitchin claimed is on a stone of an ancient depiction of our solar system, the sun of our galaxy surrounded by smaller planets, (53) has been noted to be not an ancient sun but an ancient Sumerian symbol of a star (54).
The symbol of a star at top left was mistaken by Sitchin as a symbol for the sun. Note the multiple pointed star is not within a circle.
This observation has been proven that the ancient Sumerian stone did not have anything close to something resembling a secret planet that Sitchin argued we have yet to see come towards earth.  Sitchin has since been proven wrong by other scholars that give a better scientific analysis of what the symbol actually is that Sitchin claims is a planet (55). The 12th planet theory is one that was sadly hijacked and prophesized by other New Agers to come into the path of earth and cause pole shifts and natural disasters during the time leading up to 2012.
The sun correctly identfied. A four-pointed star within a circle. Note the multiple pointed star.
In conclusion for this piece of the article, you now have been given the origins to the 2012 prophecies that either claimed a catastrophic event of earth collisions with meteors, spewing volcanoes, floods and even spiritual enlightenment to a higher state of human consciousness which in my opinion was never meant to happen.

Identifying those who benefit from quackery science prophecies


The false doom and gloom prophecies such as that of 2012 are meant to strike fear into the masses. This fear that arises from such storytelling I would argue is meant to persuade large groups of people to think and behave in a specific way that benefits a small number of people either in the corporate media, such as news stations, book publishers and also sometimes political agendas meant to change policy and laws. The 2012 prophecies were almost very convincing even sounding scientifically true to an extent.  The challenge I think that exists today is that people in general can be misled and are not well acquainted with the understanding on how to empirically research or investigate claims made by people that obviously should stand out as not having credible sources to their claims.

This fear instilled in the masses of people is one that can also lead to psychological shock and distress. Such shock is comparable to that which Naomi Kline outlined in her book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Klein described it best when in her book she defined the shock that people receive from leaders of nations and world decision makers occur when they exploit people based on either a natural or purposely intended crisis. Such crisis events are used as an opportunity for certain leaders in the political world to further push laws and policies that benefit the small corporate elite and push the masses further into a crisis, thus more shock (56). I argue that this is done by certain leaders tapping into the fear of the masses by using those crisis events and claiming to have the answer to fixing the problem. Do you recall the section I wrote in this article about the Messiah Complex? Next time you hear of a disastrous event in the news like the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook School shooting, the Trayvon Martin issue or anything that is massively bombarded all over the corporate media, I challenge you to not become too worried about what happened, but instead carefully listen and observe what happens in the media and politics soon after such crisis events. Is there a massive push to change laws and policies when it wasn’t a news headline before? Are people reacting out of fear? Is the story being supported with evidence based facts and figures that you can locate for yourself? I will let you decide that.

Because people in general do not have the time or resources to quickly recover from such fear, they can be taken advantage of and in regards to false prophecy such as those of the year 2012 I think that the New World Order which I described earlier in this article is partially behind such movements. I think this because the NWO benefits the most from people who fall for such frauds promoting a global change in the name of humanity. In fact I would argue that entering a New Age 
Planting crystals in the ocean might solve the problems of the world so long as its done with the jawbone of an animal, maybe buffalo?
or “graduating” to a higher dimension is exactly the outcome expected for the leaders that are involved with the NWO. This is where I encourage the reader to make the connection between the phrases “New World Order” and “New Age” where an intended shift is expected to be taken on among the masses of people who have not yet bought into the idea of a one world government. Those groups of people that I feel will not fall into the idea of a one world government include First Nations and Indigenous people of the world. The New Age movement or also the New World Order is an attempt to implement the Rule of Law vs. the Law of the Jungle. This is an attempt to transform the spirituality of people that have little realization that all the natural law and wisdom of God already exists and they don’t realize there is no need for a new way of doing things, and there is only the old ways.

The New Age wannabes that claim to have prophetic wisdom do not even have to be associated with such New World Order political beliefs of the Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Communists, Capitalists or any other socio-political groups that overwhelm the masses and try to shift them into a New Age. The New Agers just need to believe that they are special (Messiah Complex) and possess sacred knowledge of love and light that we all must attain in order to be saved and evolve to become a more advanced human race than the one we currently are today. This New Age evolvement into a higher state of consciousness I argue is somewhat of a spiritual and cultural based eugenics that greatly benefits the elite.
In order to see great change we must all unite as one nation, one tribe. Oh and give your money to the one person with such a prophetic message.
If not carefully examined, fraudulent New Age wisdom can be used to continue the onslaught of erasing traditional wisdom and cultural upbringing. I cannot stop but think about how the rhetoric among New Agers and New World Order politics are almost identical in that they claim to possess the path of enlightenment, to a better new world as though the ancestral knowledge of our Indigenous past and present is one based on stupidity and incapable of sacred wisdom and knowledge. It is because of such similar ideologies that I argue completely that the New Agers are pushing an agenda that is not just for monetary gain but to possibly influence worldwide political power to shift to the elites. This is done either purposefully or not and I challenge the reader to see how the NWO/ New Age movements are attempting to convince Indigenous people to give up their power willingly by letting go of unique beliefs and traditions and join the masses of people that will be part of the earth changes as described by the New Age frauds in this article. Such a movement is an assault on the Indigenous people who still choose to hold their right and sacred law of creation to this earth. Letting those things go, whether it be material or spiritual is what the New Age prophecies encourage us to do which contradict the right and title to the land given to us by God. It is obvious that encouraging masses of people through New Age prophecies in letting go of their material needs is an attempt to shift people to voluntarily giving their wealth to the rich elites because it wont matter to have such wealth as we transcend into the next evolutionary process of the human dimension. It was noted earlier that one of the frauds known as JZ Knight, encouraged her followers to leave their homes and move closer to her (57). Some of them gave up all they had in fear of the big disasters she spoke of.  Convince me this was not an attempt by corporations to get their hands on real estate from those leaving their homes and also from the same persons seeking a new home?

I believe people who live in fear of meteors, volcanoes or massive earthquakes to hit the earth are also easily manipulated to give up something that is a loss for them but a corporate treasure for a few. 2012 has come and gone, but the same tactics will continue to happen again. In fact there is a popular concept I have been hearing of more and more since the years leading up to 2012 and it is what I think is being used to exploit people. For anyone who comes from a First Nation or maintains their Indigenous roots, I encourage you to look further into this concept for It can be one of good benefit to our communities yet if not properly understood it is one that can lead to the destruction of our traditional ways and usher in the “New Age” of enlightenment that I strongly disagree with. This concept is one of unity and oneness.

The Concept of Oneness


There were moments in history where the need to be unified was beneficial specifically for Native American people. Prior to arrival of Columbus, it is no doubt that Nations within the western hemisphere shared trade routes, foods, languages, and art and even went to war with each other. The need to be unified in a collective oneness sounds like a great idea but I will argue in this section that oneness is not to be taken lightly for it can lead to damaging outcomes if people who join movements using the cliché of oneness are not careful. Such misleading movements I have already demonstrated are pushed by New Age leaders like that in the 2012 prophecies.

One historical approach towards the use of oneness took place in In 1934 when United States Congress passed the Wheeler-Howard Bill, also known as the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) or the Indian New Deal. This new deal organized tribes as a sovereign component of government responsible for administering its own tribal governance. The IRA was meant to assist in protecting land and resources, eventually directing Native Americans back into Nations with a solid land base for economic and cultural survival. The IRA also included for tribes willing to participate, access to $10 million for revolving funds within the Department of the Interior for loans in economic development, passed by the Senate and the House (58).
Great changes in oneness come to people by influencing policy and legislation. New Age movements do not address such a realization.
The IRA was first introduced by a man named John Collier, a commissioner from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who after visiting an Indian Reservation and witnessing a ceremony had a life changing experience. From that point Collier felt it was part of his responsibility to share his power and privilege to assist Native Americans to work within the bureaucratic levels of United States to establish micro governments among various tribes and reclaiming tribal reservations. Prior to IRA the U.S. policy was moving towards eliminating Indian reservations and distributing it to private individual Indians to own and do with what they want like any other person owning property (59). The IRA did have some pushback as any movement would however it did require the unity and oneness of many Indigenous people and allies to work together in succeeding. We know that to this day there are some challenges that First Nations are now encountering with tribal governance and sovereignty within reservation land held in Federal Trust, however this case described here is one that I strongly argue is one where a person (in this case Collier) does not claim to be a Messiah or holding sacred knowledge and wisdom to unify Native Americans. Unlike the New Age frauds described in this article, Collier became an agent of real change by using his abilities, education and credentials to work alongside with Indigenous people and making the Indian Reorganization Act a reality. Something we rarely ever see any more from non-indigenous community leaders that claim to want to help.

New Age prophets claim to care for the earth. Why don't they send their followers to donate time and money to join those Indigenous movements already doing so?
Recent events also based on the concept of oneness include the movement to stop Keystone Pipeline from Alberta Canada to the Midwest and Eastern United States and the Idle No More movement. They are based on approaching the systematic structures of power and having influence in the decision making that occurs when Bills and laws are passed. In no way whatsoever do these movements encourage people to sit back and just wait for a global conscious awakening so that humans can transcend into some higher plane or dimension.  I would argue that true wisdom and knowledge engages people to hold on to their power and traditions while at the same time becoming part of a critical issue that is taking place in society. Only under such circumstances do I believe the concept of oneness can properly benefit people. Do not get me wrong, such movements can go astray and if not centrally focused on the issue that started that movement, then it can become mislead towards such New Age type agendas like those preached by the frauds in this article. This is why I argue that unity and oneness can sometimes be the demise of a group of people, culture or movement if not carefully kept in check.In his book titled, Wasáse: Indigenous Pathways of Action, Taiaiake Alfred describes that which is a dangerously romanticized version of,
“attempting to negotiate structural changes to our relationships before our minds and hearts are cleansed of the stains of colonialism. In the absence of mental and spiritual decolonization, any effort to theorize or to implement a model of a “new” Onkwehonwe-settler relationship is counter-productive to the objectives of justice and the achievement of a long-term relationship of peaceful coexistence between our peoples” (60).
Alfred expresses that in order for a conscious movement of people to be authentic, its leaders must have moral and spiritual integrity, free of substance abuse and the will to exploit people as do the New Age frauds. Most meaningful movements need leaders with a deep understanding of how current Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships function. To try to modify the current bureaucratic state into something like the New Agers have done with the 2012 prophecies further adds damage to the social injustices that take place because they promote a reform that is similar to the same imperial structure that was before. Calling for a total New World or evolving anew on how we should live based on the New Age rhetoric promotes a denial and neglect of the exploitive methods that took place as if it is not important to discuss those events. New Age frauds place themselves on the stage of keepers of wisdom and knowledge without allowing the Indigenous people they steal their ideas from to be at the forefront of the discussion when seeking change within the system. These frauds send a message that we just need to get to the next stage of human evolution and everything on earth will be ok.  In order for such an evil atrocity to take place, it is my strong belief that the pushers of the New Age/ New World Order agenda do so by using the concept of oneness and unity.

Prophecy does not instill fear in society, it directs society towards a meaningful understanding of current knowledge


Columbus arrived to America? He discovered it. That's what they teach in school right?
I started exposing the fraud of the 2012 prophecies in this article by analyzing a magazine that claimed to have prophetic messages based on Native American wisdom. I hope that so far I have convinced you the sham of such material and the characteristics of the type of persons that contribute to it. I also promised to compare it to another magazine which I will end this article with by analyzing what I would argue speaks more appropriately to the authenticity of prophetic wisdom. The reason I’m choosing to compare these two magazines is because not only did I want to investigate the fraud and origin of the 2012 prophecies that were claimed by New Agers but I also want to mention that these two magazines were printed around the same time as the so called 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas (1992). Many movements among Indigenous people of North and South America began in order to reject the notion that Columbus discovered anything new.

In fact 1992 set the stage for Intercontinental movements of Indigenous people telling the world how First Nations will take lead of their own historical, social, economic and cultural wisdom, not to be told by others. It also would become a place where the Prophecy of the Eagle & Condor would be spoken of a time when the North and South would reunite as an interconnected society as once existed before colonization (61). It is from the time these magazines were printed that I feel two movements of oneness began to take place which incorporates “Native American” wisdom.  There has been the New Age movement of oneness and unity that completely disregards the traditional knowledge and wisdom of Indigenous people and instead exploits them for profit and personal gain. It is also a movement that speaks of prophecy on terms of fear and non-substantial change. Then there is the other oneness movement that began since 1992, a movement of authentic leaders and persons from hundreds of Indigenous nations, unified together against odds and Imperial political power to educate people on what truly has happened to First Nations and ultimately what has happened to the world since 1492 and why it is no day to celebrate. This approach is more direct at implementing the concept of prophecy towards meaningful change in how the world has accepted a particular belief like the discovery of the Americas.

Those who discovered the lost Columbus.
I also will demonstrate how unlike the compared New Age magazine which doesn’t teach anything but speaks on junk science and instilling the same fear for social control, a tactic used by first colonizers of the Americas that followed with Christopher Columbus, Rethinking Columbus is one that places a foundation of transformational understanding to a deceitful concept about the Columbus legacy. The magazine promotes development of the individual mental process and challenges the reader to recognize, recollect, analyze and reflect upon the already existing paradigm it is trying to engage the reader in. The approach used in the Rethinking Columbus magazine integrates prior knowledge of the reader with new knowledge; or a different way of looking at the current knowledge the reader possesses in their brain. For that reason I will also acknowledge the material we explore in this magazine as prophetic for it is meant to change and direct society towards a meaningful understanding of the Columbus legacy, a legacy that has devastated the entire world.

At first glance of the cover, there is a noticeable photo of an Indigenous girl in traditional clothing. One might think this is a book about Indigenous people and not Columbus. It also has a price of $4 compared to the New Age magazine at $3.95. The inside cover to Rethinking Columbus has a clause giving the reader printing rights (62). That’s correct. Articles of the magazine can be reprinted for use in educational settings. That means you can actually teach people with the information in this magazine. The New Age magazine, Body, Mind, Spirit does not allow the reader to do that because permission must be obtained to share and reprint such a magazine that claims to hold prophetic wisdom.

New Age profiteers would be upset to see Indigenous people failing to celebrate as one tribe.
The first article in the magazine contains an interview of a leader to an organization, Susan Harjo and the name of the person who conducted the interview. Unlike the New Age magazine which on the exception of Ghostwolf, the article was not completely clear how the quotes of the other New Age persons were attained. Another article is identified to be written by Bill Bigelow. 
What’s important about his article is that he has attached notes of the material he is talking about so that the reader can look up the credibility on whether what he says is true or not. On page 22 of this magazine is an article that tries to investigate the origin of scalping back to Europe, an act of violence that many stereotypically attached to Native Americans. The article is accompanied by a photocopy of the actual proclamation and a reference of where the material source was taken from.

Page 44 contains a detailed map of North America and the original First Nation languages. The picture is also accompanied by a footnoted source so that the reader can further investigate the material and its origin. This magazine does not compare to the New Age magazine we investigated earlier in the sense that this magazine actually tells you where you can further research in the case you want to know more about the information being presented to you or just want to fact check the article. This is not present in any of Ghost Wolf or the other New Agers that claim to have spirits channel knowledge through them of prophetic events like meteors hitting the earth. 

You mean to tell me this magazine gives the reader notes to investigate the material discussed in this article?
An article titled Textbook Crimes and Misdemeanors on page 66 has a wonderful analysis of a series of social sciences books to be used in California schools. It also identifies the material it is taking the analysis from and includes pieces directly from the book so that you may have some insight on how biased and stereotypical the material is, similar to what I have done in this article. It can’t get any better than that. The Rethinking Columbus magazine is also accompanied by other pages of resources and teaching guides that can help understand the direction that the makers of this magazine are trying to convey to the world. In no way does the New Ager magazine do that, it merely has tons of ads that continue to place fear in the reader such as ads that can prepare you for the year 2000, or authentic Indian totem jewelry and arrowheads which are not free. But most importantly there is an article in the Rethinking Columbus magazine that contains an important teaching we must take away from all of this investigating. It is an article of documented writings on Bartolome de las Casas, a Spanish friar who chose to speak against the enslavement and mistreatment of Indians in the New World in the year 1542. He eventually gave up his slaves and advocated for humane treatment of Indigenous people. Although he failed on many parts, his actions resulted in policies that supported the rights to Native Americans (63).

People were removed from their land by a process called scalping? I thought they just moved away.
Bartolome de las Casas stood alongside with Native people and became an agent of change from within his construct of power and privilege. He did not claim to have new knowledge or wisdom to influence the change he wanted to see, he merely questioned and took part in dialogue with the leaders necessary to start the process. I end this section of the article on that subject because I strongly feel that if anyone is going to be supportive of Native American wisdom and ideologies, it should be Native people themselves at the forefront, and if anyone that does not identify with an Indigenous community wishes to see Native American prophecies and knowledge manifest into new processes of great shift in consciousness, then stand beside and support them without exploiting anyone.



I wrote this article to investigate where the 2012 prophecies originated from and to show you the reader how they came from non-credible sources that claimed to have genuine knowledge on the year 2012 based on Native American wisdom of the Maya. It was all a hoax to exploit people for money, fame and worship, but most importantly is part of a continuous assault on the masses of people, particularly Indigenous communities that have yet to completely give in to the global imperialism of the New World Order government, a government that has nothing secret about it, a government that Indigenous people have been at war with for centuries. I also wanted to demonstrate the origins of these fraudulent prophecies for sake of my own sharing of understanding wisdom whereas I personally have witnessed many members of our own tribal communities regurgitate the same ideologies as those behind the New Age frauds that claimed we must all evolve and be ready for a new change that will be glorious and long ago documented by our ancestors. I strongly encourage you as the reader to be vigilant in fact checking what people claim. Lisa Aldred, a well distinguished researcher in New Age exploitation on Native American culture explains that what these New Agers are trying to do is sell people an experience of what it is like to be someone else (64). Similar to the same way corporations convince people that buying their products will make them like a particular famous person in the entertainment industry.

Native people might organize together as one, yet each community has its own unique struggles that should not be clumped as the same issue.
I maintain that there are no new teachings or knowledge that any such messiahs can enlighten us with and that everything we ever needed as distinct groups of peoples was already established to us by God when the universe was created. I strongly feel such New Age agendas will continue in other forms that we have yet to imagine and its main goal is to instill fear in us to give up our freedoms and our rights to something very sinister by trying to unify us under the concept of “oneness’ that will benefit the rich and powerful elite, but not us. As First Nations and Native American communities, we should be more vigilant when we hear of such cases in the future and be willing to investigate for ourselves why such junk stories are being promoted on a global scale. With that I strongly encourage anyone reading this article to live your life to the fullest, believe in God and in unity but also believe that you have control over much of your life and there is unique characteristics to whatever nation, community or people you come from that should be protected at all costs. Be aware of current social and political events and investigate them for yourself. Fight for what you know is right in society and live out prophecy of God rather than preach the prophetic messages of God. Instead choose to live out the teachings and wisdom that the great leaders of your community are struggling to keep alive rather than listening to the massive global messages of wisdom which I would almost guarantee are meant to push a “New World” agenda that only benefits the 1 percent of wealth holders.

* I welcome any comments and feedback and if you want copies of any of the material that I discussed in this article for your own reference, then please send me a message and I will gladly be of assistance. 


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